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This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 2.0). For this article in the current version, see File Menu.

The File Menu is a dropdown menu with options related to metadata about the project.

Online Editor Features


New is a feature that creates a new blank project in the editor. It will not overwrite the previous project, as it is a separate project in My Stuff.

Saving and My Stuff

Save now saves all of the changes made to the project since the previous state. If Internet connection is available, the save will be updated to the server properly; otherwise a message will appear near the top-right saying "not saved: no network connection".

Save as a copy generates a totally separate, identical project to the one opened in the editor.

Go to My Stuff takes one to their my stuff page.


Upload from your computer is a feature that allows one to upload projects that one has saved on his or her computer to the Scratch Website. The file extension for a Scratch 2.0 project is .sb2; Scratch 1.x projects with the extension .sb can also be uploaded into the online editor.

Note Note: The uploaded project will replace the contents of the current project.

Download to your computer allows you to download projects from the online editor to your computer, which can then be uploaded.

Record Project Video

Record Project Video allows Scratchers to record the project they're running for 60 seconds-, without any third-party screen recording software.


The revert tool is a tool in the Project Editor that allows one to re-set a project to how it was when the editor was first opened.

Offline Editor Features

The file menu dropped-down in the offline editor


New is a feature that allows you create a new project in the offline editor.

This will allow you to open a project stored on your computer.


Save will allow you to save your project, however, if you never saved this project before, you will choose where to save your project when you try to save.

Save As will allow you to choose where to save your project.

Online Features

Share to Website will allow you to share your project onto the Scratch website.

Check for Updates will allow you to check for updates if there are any for the offline editor.

Shift Click Options

When a user held the Shift Key & clicked the File Menu, extra options would appear:

Force Help File Update

Show Version Details will allow you to view certain details of the offline editor, such as wether the GPU was enabled and the languge the tips menu was in.