The Featured Studios row.

The Featured Studios section on the Front Page shows studios that the Scratch Team has deemed interesting enough to be featured. Some studios are featured because the Scratch Team wants to inspire the community to make new kinds of projects.[1]

Before October 2015, only four studios were shown. In October of 2015, the front page was redesigned[2] and the number of featured studios at a time was extended to five.

When a new studio is featured, other ones get pushed back and the last one gets removed from the row. However, some studios stay as the first featured studio for a certain amount of time, usually ones made by the Scratch Team. These include studios for Scratch Camp.

The Featured Studios section is the second row in the front page, below the Featured Projects row.

Proposing Studios to be Featured

Users can recommend studios to be featured using a forum topic. As stated in the topic, the Scratch Team is looking for studios that:

  • Provide an interesting prompt that inspires Scratchers to be creative and make projects.
  • Are focused on a specific project type or topic– for example, mouse trail projects or projects about historical fashion.
  • Have at least one active manager (two managers is even better), but not tons of managers.
  • Have fewer than 100 projects.
  • Have at least 2 projects that serve as good examples of what can go in the studio.
  • Do not allow everyone to add projects (for safety reasons), but do invite anyone to ask for their project to be added by a curator.
  • Do not have an animated gif as their thumbnail (because that slows down the front page).
  • Are not an Add Everything studio.
  • Optional: Description is in multiple languages and/or invites Scratchers to help translate it.

Featured Galleries

The Featured Galleries sidebar section before 2.0.
Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

In the Scratch 1.0 website, before the release of 2.0, there was an analogous list in the sidebar, called "Featured Galleries". It only showed 3 galleries at a time. When 2.0 was released, galleries were changed to studios.

Currently Featured Studios

The current featured studios (starting with most recently featured) are

  1. Butterflies! ʚїɞ (hosted by Arista-Prime)
  2. Cards! (hosted by fallseptember)
  3. ‌SCRAPBOOKS! - A Studio (hosted by BrilliantGamer6)
  4. Welcome Inn (hosted by ScratchCat)
  5. Beaches! (hosted by funkids1234)

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