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The portion of a user's profile displaying the users' favorites.
The favorite button in Scratch 2.0.

Favoriting a project is a way of showing appreciation for it. The creator of the favorited project will get a notification in their messages.

The number of favorites a project has received is displayed on its page, like love-its, but with the characteristic icon of a star. A user's favorited projects can also be viewed on their profile, unlike love-its.

How to Favorite a Project

A project that has not been favorited by the logged in user.
A project that has been favorited by the logged in user.

To favorite a project, a user selects the grey star button. The button can only be used while logged in.

The button will then turn yellow, and the number of favorites will increase by one. Clicking the button again will unfavorite the project.

How to View a User's Favorites

To view a user's list of favorites, one simply visits their profile. The second row from the top displays the user's twenty most recently favorited projects, and the rest are accessible through the 'view all' link.

Curating Projects

Main article: Curator (front page)

Curators choose projects to be put on the front page by favoriting them.[1] The current curator's five most recently favorited eligible projects appear in the "Projects Curated by ______" slot on the front page, though it can take up to a couple hours for the front page to update and display them.[2]If a curator wishes to curate a previously-favorited project, they can move it back to the top of their favorites list by un-favoriting and re-favoriting it.

For information on becoming a front page curator, see Curator (front page).

Recent Activity

As a type of user activity, a favorite shows up in the 'recent activity' section on one's profile and in the "What's Happening" section for that user's followers.

April Fools Day

On April Fools' Day of 2015, the favorite button was replaced by a banana for the theme of "Edible Scratch."

The love and favorite buttons on April Fools' Day 2015.

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