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An Error is what happens when a computer runsinto a problem and cannot complete the instructions it is given.

Error could also refer to one of these eight topics:

Scratch Editor

  • Making Scratch Crash — methods of making Scratch crash
  • Scratch Bugs — bugs in the Scratch editor and program
  • Script Error — when a script tried to perform an impossible action in Scratch 1.4, a Script Error occurs
  • Error (2.0) — an error when a project failed to load in 2.0

Scratch Website

  • List of Post Errors — a list of errors that can occur if a forum post does not meet expectations
  • 403 Error — an error if a restricted page was accessed by a user
  • 404 Error — an error if a user tried to access a page or project that did not exist or was deleted
  • 500 Error — an error that is used if the Scratch server is experiencing errors
  • Maintenance Mode — a page used if Scratch Team is making changes to the website, in which only Scratch Team can see the website