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Reason: See Talk:Error (Scratch 2.0 program).
An error
Browser not supported error

On Scratch 3.0, there is an error screen if a project crashed or failed to load. The screen is usually blue and says "We are so sorry, but it looks like Scratch has crashed. This bug has been automatically reported to the Scratch Team. Please refresh your page to try again."

There is a white button that lets the user reload the page.

Error code

Scratch uses Sentry to collect errors automatically. When Sentry sends the detail to the Scratch Team privately, an error code is generated and added to the bottom of the error message, for example, "Your error was tagged with id 81df2c542358573aabf8305dd397f6a8". This changes each time the error is reported, and the ID itself does not give any information without data sent to Sentry.

Error detail

Some browsers have a feature to see the logs from JavaScript.

  • On Chrome and Firefox, press F12 and see Console.
    • On Mac, ⌘ Cmd+⌥ Option+I will work.

Related errors

On Internet Explorer and other browsers that Scratch does not support, "Browser is not supported" error can be seen. It won't be seen on supported browsers. However, if the browser is too old (such as Chrome 49) the error may appear.

On some old computers, WebGL errors may appear. If that does not fix by changing browsers, upgrading the OS may be necessary.