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Operating Systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (experimental)
Purpose for creation Allowing children to program LEGO Mindstorms with the ease of use and flexibility of Scratch/BYOB[1]
Developer(s) Clinton Blackmore, Southern Alberta Robotics Enthusiasts, others
Programming language Squeak, Java
Released? Yes
Compatible with Scratch 1.4
Official Website[dead link]
Archived Forum Topic ar-topic:49237
Active No

Enchanting is a Scratch modification that can connect to LEGO Mindstorms NXT, a robotics kit. It is based on BYOB 3 and leJOS. Projects made in Enchanting are uploaded to the NXT brick.


Block categories

One must first connect the NXT brick to the computer and flash its firmware by selecting File followed by Flash Firmware… and pressing "Yes". (The NXT driver from LEGO must be installed.)

Upon pressing the green flag the project is uploaded to the NXT brick and started. The stage and sprites appear on the brick's screen.

Enchanting has the categories Driving and Motors in addition to those of Scratch 1.4. The buttons Configure Drive Type, Configure Sensors, and Configure Motors can be used to configure Enchanting to drive the robot and use sensors and motors:

Configuring sensors

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