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The edit menu.

The Edit Menu is a drop down menu in the Scratch Editor.



If one deletes a sprite and wants it back, they can simply open the edit menu and click Undelete, which recovers the deleted sprite, costume, or script.

An image of the editor in small stage layout mode
An image of the small stage layout when it is activated above the stage

Small stage layout

Main article: Small Stage Layout

Small stage layout makes the editor's stage decrease in size. This is helpful if you need to see more code.

Turbo Mode

Main article: Turbo Mode

Turbo mode is another feature that makes the project run 30× faster. It is useful for programs that need to be fast, such as complex math formulas.

Shift-Click Features

By shift-clicking the Edit menu, a whole variety of features can be achieved.

The shift-clicked edit menu.

Export translation strings: commands

This feature saves a file called commands.txt into a specified folder.

Export translation strings: UI

This feature saves another file, called uiStrings.txt, into a specified folder.

Edit Block Colors

An example of what is possible with block color editing
Main article: Edit Block Colors

This feature allows the user to edit the colors of a block via sliders. They can be saved by clicking "Apply".

Note Note: The colors will reset upon reloading the project.

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