Dustbin Topics are topics in the Scratch Discussion Forums used to store deleted posts in the Forums. They are accessible only by the Scratch Team, and will give HTTP 403 (Forbidden) errors if normal users or people without a Scratch account try to access posts in them. There are several major dustbin topics.

Topic 412

The screen that appears when trying to access Topic 412 on Google Chrome. The latest versions of Safari and Firefox both give a blank screen. Results on other browsers may vary.

Topic 412, also known simply as the dustbin topic, is used for storing deleted posts.[1] The thread can only be accessed by the Scratch Team. It has over 30,000 posts on it, making it the largest thread on the Scratch Forums.[1]

Topic 412 is titled "Deleted Posts" and is located in the Dustbin forum.[2]

Topic 32023

Topic 412 is not the only dustbin forum. Topic 32023 is used for storing posts that are deleted by the automatic censor in the forums.[3]

Spam Dustbin

Separate from the automatic censor dustbin and the normal dustbin, the Spam Dustbin is a topic that is located in its own “Spam Dustbin” sub-forum, similar to Topic 412 and the “Dustbin” sub-forum. The dustbin sub-forum is where commercial spam (e.g “Free Movies Online” and similar topics) is moved to. Commercial spam is not moved to Topic 412. The Spam Dustbin exists so that Community Moderators can analyze spamming patterns.[4]


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