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Version Dream 1.0
Operating Systems Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
Purpose for creation The addition of more advanced programming concepts and new features.
Developer(s) dreamod
Open source? Yes
Programming language Squeak
Released? Yes
Compatible with Scratch 1.4
Official Website

Dream is a Scratch modification by dreamod. Dream contains many new features such as Mesh and basic programming for robotics. In addition, it has minor graphic changes from Scratch 1.4. Dream will come with a player for testing projects.

At the moment, dreamod is currently working on a new version that will be drastically different from the first one in terms of design, have fewer bugs, and more efficient blocks and compatibility.

Features include dialogs and file system access.

New Blocks

There are 14 new categories and 200 new blocks in Dream compared to Scratch 1.4. Some blocks added in Dream were later adopted in Scratch 2.0. In addition, some Scratch blocks have been modified or put into new categories.

  • Motion: 7
  • Looks: 13
  • Sound: 15
  • Pen: 10
  • Variables: 5
  • Objects: 29
  • Connections: 12
  • Project: 1
  • Strings: 9
  • Control: 5
  • Events: 3
  • Sensing: 11
  • Math: 8
  • Lists: 11
  • Colors: 12
  • Files: 23
  • Plugins: 14
  • Images: 15

Compatible Mods

The current version of Dream is compatible only with Scratch, but eventually Shriek and Bingo may become compatible.

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