The Draggable Sprite feature in Scratch is a tool that makes a sprite draggable online without need for scripting.


The area to be clicked to toggle the feature on and off.
The tool is turned off by default. To turn it on, one simply has to look in the sprite pane, click the "i" by a sprite, then click the checkbox, as shown at left.

While it is easy to access, many Scratchers would like it to be more visible.[1]


Sometimes, it is necessary to have a sprite that is only draggable sometimes or drags in a special way. Scripts can be used to make a sprite draggable and are much more flexible than the Draggable Sprite feature. One script that can be used to make a sprite draggable is this:

when this sprite clicked
    if <touching [mouse-pointer v]?> then
      set [offset x v] to ((x position) - (mouse x))
      set [offset y v] to ((y position) - (mouse y))
      repeat until <not <mouse down?>>
        go to x: ((mouse x) + (offset x)) y: ((mouse y) + (offset y))

Note that you need to create two variables: offset x and offset y.

Example Uses

The tool has many uses, the most popular of which are:

  • Quicker project testing
  • Reduced scripts (very useful in One Sprite One Script Projects)
  • "Drag and drop" games
  • Paint projects where a paintbrush, pen, or pencil is moved around
  • Dress-up and makeup projects
  • Customization projects, such as scene creators

In Scratch 3.0

Clock.png This article or section contains information about a feature from a future version of Scratch that is unreleased and is subject to change. Please cite any additional info in order to prevent speculation.

This feature is removed,[2] but there's still a block, named Set Drag Mode ().


  2. thisandagain.(5/5/2017) "Due to the removal of the "draggable" toggle in the sprite info pane"