Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
The Draft checkbox only visible to the project owner.

Draft was a feature that allowed users to mark a project as being still in development but released publicly. In Scratch 2.0, the draft checkbox was located above the instructions of a Scratch project and was only visible to the owner of the project. Other viewers of the project could identify that it was a draft in one of two ways. It would have a "work-in-progress" tag, and the text "Draft" in a blue box above the project instructions located in the same location as the checkbox for the project creator.


When the draft checkbox was checked, a "work-in-progress" tag was automatically added to that project as written above. This tag could not be created separately from the draft checkbox, as hyphens were prohibited characters for manually-entered tags. The tag was the identification that the project was a draft, or the absence of the tag meant the project not being a draft.

When a fourth tag is attempted to be entered, the tags bar flashes red, indicating it cannot be added.
What viewers of the project see.

The maximum number of tags a Scratch project may have was three. If the draft checkbox was checked when a project already had three tags, the "work-in-progress" tag would not immediately appear. However, once the page was refreshed, the "work-in-progress" tag would replace a previous tag, and the tag order would be scrambled. If the draft checkbox was then unchecked, the work-in-progress tag was removed, and the originally removed tag was added back to the end of the list of tags.

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