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Scratch and the Scratch Website run entirely on grants and donations. Anyone can donate by navigating to the Scratch donation site. Donating helps fund Scratch development and research by the Scratch Team, and a way to give back to them. Scratch runs on donations, and therefore relies on everyday people to donate.

The Donate page on the Scratch Website is found here. There is also a link in the footer, called "Donate to Scratch" and a green donate banner on top of the front page when a user is not logged in.

The donate button banner which shows on top of the front page when a user is not logged into an account.
A sign in Scratch's Footer thanking donors.

Reasons to Donate

There are several reasons why one would want to donate, but here are a few:

  • They want to give back.
  • They want to help the Scratch Team in their goal of teaching programming.
  • Scratch is entirely free, so it runs solely on donations.[1] The Scratch Foundation wants to keep Scratch running.

Where donations go

Since donations are what Scratch run on, donations practically go everywhere in Scratch, but here are a few places:

  • Developing new versions of Scratch
  • Moderating activity in the online Scratch community
  • Developing new support materials[1]

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