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This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 3.0). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Development of Scratch 2.0. For this article in Scratch 1.0, see Development of Scratch 1.0.
The first mockup of Scratch 3.0

The development of Scratch 3.0 was a process which took many years, starting long before the official release on January 2, 2019.[1]


On May 17, 2016, the Scratch Team announced a partnership with Google along with Scratch Blocks, a framework for the user interface of a graphical programming language that would be used in "the next generation of Scratch". (Scratch Blocks is based on Google's Blockly and includes a "horizontal grammar", using icons rather than text labels, very similar to that of ScratchJr.)[2] The same day it was demonstrated at the Google I/O Youth conference,[3] and both Scratch Blocks and Scratch VM, which would serve as the Scratch interpreter, were released as free software on GitHub.[4] Design concepts were also included.[5] Initially, many blocks were missing, but these were steadily re-added. From this point the Scratch Team reviewed and accepted contributions from the community.[6]

In August of 2016, Scratch Render, which draws the stage and sprites, was released on GitHub.[7] In September, the Scratch Team placed ready-to-use "playgrounds" for Scratch Blocks and Scratch VM on the internet.[8] In October, Scratch Audio Engine was released.[9] Around this time the sound effect blocks were added, including echo and reverb effects.[10] Finally, in November, Scratch GUI, the Scratch program itself, was released on GitHub.[11] In contrast to Scratch 2.0, the stage was placed on the right, as in Scratch 1.x. At this point, the scripting area was a deep blue, and the block palette was transparent.[12] On September 30, designerd posted the first public concept sketch of Scratch GUI on GitHub.[13]

In January of 2017 the background of the scripting area became a light gray, matching the concept sketch.[14] In March, Data and More Blocks were removed from the block palette.[15] The costumes pane and sounds pane were finally added in April,[16] and Data was re-added about a week later,[17] but without Logo-style indirection.[18] On August 23, <[] contains []?> was added.[19] On the 28th, the list of block categories was moved to the side of the palette,[20][21] similar to the experimental viewer. On September 27 the block palette was changed to allow one to scroll through all the categories.[22]

Scratch GUI on 9/10/2017

Pen became an extension in October[23] and the music blocks became an extension in November.[24] More Blocks was added to the block palette in December[25] and renamed to "My Blocks" little over a week later.[26] A "give feedback" button,[27] set drag mode [ v],[28] and go to [ v] :: looks and go [ v] () layers[29] were added shortly after Christmas.


The preview of Scratch 3.0 let users take a better look at what the version would bring. Early in January, a welcome screen was added to Scratch GUI,[30] and the preview FAQ appeared about a week later.[31] The preview was released at on January 18, 2018. [32] The following changes were made, among others, during the preview:[33]

  • New sprites, backdrops, sounds, and costumes added to libraries
  • New asset menu system including surprise sprite, backdrop, costume, and sound buttons and blank sprite and backdrop button
  • New menu bar
  • The video motion extension was added.
  • The editor's color has been changed.[34]
  • Locally save and load SB3 files from your computer
  • Minor changes to block names and colors
  • Updates to the sprite/sound/costume tile design
  • New library design and improved search
  • Uploading sounds and costumes from file (svg, jpg, png, mp3, wav)
  • Initial version of the "How-To" library with step-by-step tutorials and videos
  • The Google Translate extension was added.
  • Add a new menu item for "Choose a Sprite/Costume/Sound/Backdrop" to make the action menus more clear
  • Add new "baseball"- and "spooky"-themed sprites and backdrops
  • Updates to the How-To library
  • New bitmap costumes and backdrops in the libraries
  • Interface updates for the "How-Tos", now called "Tutorials", including style changes to the menu bar and cards
  • Interface updates to the stage selector, making it more clear (blue) when it is the active target
  • Extension block updates: new color (aqua) and new icons
  • EV3 extension and micro:bit extension added
  • Updates to the tutorials library


"Scratch 3.0 Beta" redirects here. For the forum, see Scratch 3.0 Beta (forum).

The beta of Scratch 3.0 was released on August 1, 2018 at, alongside the Scratch 3.0 Beta forum.[36] Scratchers were encouraged to take a look at the beta and give their feedback to the Scratch Team in the forum. The beta marked the release of several extensions, and other prominent features in the editor.


Main article: Scratch 3.0 Beta (forum)
The Scratch 3.0 Beta forum.

The Scratch 3.0 Beta forum was created so that Scratchers using the beta of Scratch 3.0 could give their suggestions and ideas, as well as reporting any bugs they might find. The forum experienced a surge in activity when it was created. It was located at but has since been removed.

Although it was created for the reasons stated above, many topics were simply complaints from Scratchers who did not like the beta and wanted to continue using Scratch 2.0.[37][38]


During the beta phase, many bugs were fixed. Scratchers who tried the beta discovered bugs and reported them on a topic made by the Scratch Team.

Examples of Bugs

  • Miniatures of the Costumes Page not being scaled to the sprite size.
  • Video being enabled by default in in the video sensing extension


  • Fix for the bug where switching away from the code tab to the costumes or sounds tab could cause a crash
  • Fix for unreachable costumes/sounds at the bottom of a long list
  • Fix for sprite tiles disappearing after changing zoom level/resizing the window
  • Fix for the bug where one was able to undo back to other sprites' code on the workspace after switching sprites
  • Fix for the bug where sharing blocks multiple times could cause a crash
  • Fix for the bug where sprites imported from Scratch 2.0 would not be in the correct layer order or sprite-selector order.

Final Release

The "Final Release Maintenance Mode" screen.

The final release was on January 2, 2019. The Scratch Website was put into Maintenance Mode starting at 7:00 AM EST.[1] When one tried to access the Scratch Website during maintenance mode, this screen would show, saying that "the new Scratch is almost here! Check back later today" with a link to the Scratch Team's X Account saying "follow us for updates." In the early afternoon EST, the website was put back and Scratch 3.0 was officially released.



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