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The DACH-Scratch Wiki is a German-language wiki about Scratch. It was the first Scratch Wiki to be created in a language other than English. It was created by the German-speaking community of Scratch on February 8, 2012,[1] and features members from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Its members have already written 951 articles (as of April 2022).

DACH is an acronym for D — Deutschland (Germany), A — Austria, CH — Confœderatio Helvetica (Switzerland): several countries that speak German with members active in the German Scratch community.[2]

"Deutsch ist kühl" translated means "German is cool"


As of April 2022 all Scratch Wikis, including the original English Scratch Wiki, are connected and all hosted on the same web server. When it was first started, the DACH Scratch Wiki was hosted separately from the English Scratch Wiki which was hosted at MIT, because the Scratch Team advised the founding Scratchers from Germany to start independently. Years later, the German Scratch Wiki Community helped many other international Scratch Wikis to start and provided them all with hosting. Because of this, the Scratch Team asked the admins of the DACH Scratch Wiki if they would also like to host the original English Scratch Wiki, so that the international Wiki community could take more responsibility of itself, and many issues that the Scratch Team had no capacity to care for could be solved. Trusting in the community of international admins, who promised to provide strong help with the administration work, the DACH Scratch Wiki admins accepted.


MediaWiki, the wiki platform used by the two wikis, has a feature called Interwiki, to connect wikis. Communities on both wikis have this set up to officially connect them.


2015 European Scratch Conference

Main article: Scratch2015AMS

The DACH Wiki has taken part in the European Scratch Conference in Amsterdam from August 12 to August 15.

2013 European Scratch Conference

Main article: Scratch2013BCN

From July 25, 2013, to July 27, 2013, a group of European Scratchers held a meeting like the ones held at the MIT Media Lab years past. The theme was Connecting Worlds.

Scratch Days in the DACH region

See also: Scratch Day

On May 11, 2013, there was an German Scratch Day that was organized by the members of the DACH-Scratch Wiki (especially Mtwoll). The event took place in Hattingen in Germany and was for experienced Scratchers. Many members of the wiki were there, as well as the press, teachers, former Scratch Team member Jens Mönig, and Community Moderator JSO. Photos can be seen on this article on the DACH-Scratch Wiki.

The following list gives an overview on this and other Scratch day events held in German speaking countries. The links are leading mostly to summary pages in the DACH-Wiki. The text is in German, but they have also nice impressions on posters, photos, and videos there.

Scratch Club: Weekly Hangout

Every Monday at 8PM, Central European Time, motivated members (called the "Scratch Club") meet via Google Hangout and discuss the wiki, decide the article of the week, and discuss Scratch and the world of programming in general.

Starting from January 25, 2016, there will be an International Scratch Club meeting every Monday at 9PM, Central European Time, which will be held in English language and will especially welcome international guests.

The meeting logs of the Scratch Clubs can be viewed here.

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  1. https://de.scratch-wiki.info/w/index.php?title=Spezial%3ABenutzer&username=Mtwoll&group=&limit=1 Registration date, as that was the first account created there and the account of the founder
  2. users:Scratch-Dach-Wiki
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