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This article is about creating a final boss sprite. This sprite can be used in any type of game, but this article is going to be focusing on making a final boss sprite in a platformer. For instructions on how to make a platformer, see How to Make a Basic Platformer.

Creating the Boss Sprite

The boss sprite is the character controlled by the computer. This means that the code will have to tell it to do things all by itself at certain times.

This first script will make it so when the player sprite touches it, the game will end.

when green flag clicked
if <touching (Player v)?> then // The player
broadcast (Game Over v) // Optional, if the game has a Game Over screen.
stop [all v]
Note Note: The Stop all block can substituted with any sort of event that would occur when the player gets hit by the boss.

Making the Boss Sprite Move

For this final boss sprite, the sprite will go in a random direction, and bounce off the walls.

when green flag clicked
point in direction [45]
move [5] steps
if on edge, bounce

Making the Boss Sprite Shoot Projectiles

This script will allow the boss sprite to shoot projectiles. Create a new sprite for the ammo. This will be what the boss sprite will shoot at the player. Add the following script to the ammo sprite.

when green flag clicked
go to (Boss  v) // The boss sprite
hide // Hidden so it can't be seen when the boss sprite isn't shooting.

Next, to make the ammo sprite and the boss sprite compatible add the following script to the boss sprite.

when green flag clicked
wait (pick random (1) to (5)) seconds
broadcast (fire v) and wait

Go back to the ammo sprite. The ammo sprite needs to go towards the player when the boss sprite fires.

when I receive [fire v]
create clone of (myself v)

when I start as a clone
go to (Boss v) // The boss sprite
repeat until <<touching (Player v)?> or <touching (edge v)?>
move [10] steps

Now, to make the game end if the ammo sprite touches the player, add this to the ammo sprite.

when green flag clicked
If <touching (Player v)?> then
broadcast (Game Over v)
stop [all v]

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