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A comment that has been replied to.

A comment is a message that is posted on a project, studio or profile page. Users are also able to reply to comments; replies are only one level deep, but a user can choose to reply to any specific comment in a reply chain. Replies are automatically prefaced with @username to indicate whom they are meant for. Comments can be deleted by the Scratch Team or the owner of the profile/project (but can only be deleted by the Scratch Team on studios), and are automatically removed when reported inappropriate by two or more users[citation needed]. However, there are checks in place to ensure the two reports are from two separate users.[1] As of March 2020, there are around 240 million comments.[2]

The box that comments are left in.


Comments are used mainly to give feedback and constructive criticism on projects and studios. They may also be used to message, notify, ask questions, and have a conversation with Scratchers. Comments are the primary method of communication on the Scratch website.


See also: Messages and Notifications

When a comment is posted, a message is sent to the owner of the project or profile. Users are also notified when their comments are replied to.


Main article: Scratch Emoji

Emojis are features in comments which allows users to create specific images by typing an underscore, the name of the image, followed by another underscore. Some examples are _meow_ (a Scratch Cat face) and _waffle_ (an image of a waffle).


To prevent spam and malicious use, restrictions were added to commenting on Scratch:

  • Comments may only be placed by logged in users
  • Comments have a maximum length of five hundred characters
  • Comments cannot use 10 or 11 numerical digits in a row (designed to prevent the sharing of phone numbers)
  • Comments with the same content cannot be posted more than three times in a short while
  • Comments may not contain profanity subject to a censor
  • Comments can be disabled by the owner of the profile, project, or studio
  • Comments are subject to a rate limit (2 seconds for Scratchers and 30 seconds for New Scratchers)
  • Comments cannot be blank (no characters)
    • There is a known workaround for posting empty comments using unsupported characters[3][4]

Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is advice that is given to someone which is useful and intended to help or improve something. The Scratch Team encourages Scratchers to leave constructive criticism in comments on others' projects, rather than mean, unhelpful, or spam criticism. Good constructive criticism usually points out a project's strengths, then gives ideas for future improvement.

Disabling comments

The slider to toggle commenting.
An example of a profile with commenting turned off.

Commenting can be disabled on a profile, studio, or project by its owner or by the Scratch Team.

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