The ScratchJr Translator Community is a mixture of professionals and volunteers from around the world working on different aspects of the translation.

The ScratchJr translation team is committed to making the participation in this project a respectful, collaborative and welcoming experience for everyone.

This Code of Conduct applies to all spaces managed by the ScratchJr Translation Project including Transifex, mailing lists, the ScratchJr translation wiki, and any other forums created by the ScratchJr team which the community uses for communication. It includes the following expectations:

  • Respecting all contributors to the translation team and building a community that supports and welcomes people from all backgrounds and identities.
  • Showing kindness, helping others, and using polite language.
  • Collaboration is central to the translation job. This collaboration involves working with others in teams within Transifex projects.
  • Being ethical and courteous, and refraining from demonstrating anti-social behaviors. Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants include a use of sexual language or imagery, derogatory comments, personal attacks, insults, or other unprofessional conduct.
  • Instances of unacceptable behavior may be reported by contacting one or more of the team managers.
  • Team Managers and Administrators have the right and responsibility to remove or edit contributions that do not align with these guidelines. Translators who do not follow the Code of Conduct may be removed from the project translation team.
  • Getting familiar with ScratchJr translation guidelines available in the knowledge base and the discussions section in Transifex.
  • Asking for help when needed, after consulting with the knowledge base.
  • Committing to doing quality work.
  • Solving disagreements constructively without resorting to poor or unacceptable behavior.
  • Being considerate to other people’s work. When somebody disengages from the project, they should do so in a way that minimizes disruption, by taking the proper steps to ensure that others can pick up where they left off.
  • Refraining from using the ScratchJr Translation network for commercial or political purposes.
  • Respecting intellectual property and copyrights of images, videos, and text.
  • Respecting the integrity of the project, and refraining from introducing viruses, worms, or programs that potentially damage software components.
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