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Change () Effect by ()
change [ v] effect by ()
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Change () Effect by () block is a Looks block and a Stack block. The block changes the specified Graphic Effect on its sprite by the specified amount. There are seven different effects to choose from: color, fisheye, whirl, pixelate, mosaic, brightness and ghost.

Example Uses

As this block changes an effect, it is used whenever an effect's value must be changed - some common uses are:

  • Changing the color of a graffiti can with the color effect
  • Using the fisheye effect to make a sprite look like it is in water
  • Whirling sprites with the whirl effect
  • Pixelating sprites with the pixelate effect
  • Creating the illusion of multiple sprites with the mosaic effect
  • Creating different brightness levels with the brightness effect
  • Making creatures transparent with the ghost effect
  • Making a sprite change color (in the project) with the color effect

There can be multiple effects on a sprite at once - effects can be combined to produce even more brilliant effects.


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

If a variable held the strength of the effect, the Change () Effect by () block could be replicated with the following code:

set [wanted v] effect to ((current amount) + (increase))

However, while this is not possible in current versions of Scratch, it is in some Scratch Modifications.

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