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Cartoon Network is a TV channel that airs animated TV shows for children such as Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, and Teen Titans Go!. They have collaborated several times with Scratch, with at least one more collaboration planned.[citation needed] Their official user account is cartoonnetwork.

Hour of Code

During the 2015 Hour of Code, Cartoon Network and the Scratch Team teamed up. They created an Hour of Code project featuring the Cartoon Network TV show We Bare Bears. Scratchers participated by creating a We Bare Bears project and submitting it to the studio. The three main projects involved hide and seek, making a story out of the bears, and basketball.

#Powerpuff Yourself

On April 7th, Scratch Team Member ceebee created a studio with Cartoon Network. The studio is called "#Powerpuff Yourself". Scratchers are able to turn themselves into one of the Powerpuffs, using the site, powerpuffyourself.com (2016 reboot). The studio can be found here.

Make It Fly

Another collaboration promoting Powerpuff Girls (2016 reboot) offered an activity in which participants could make a sprite fly in the sky, starting in June 2016. The Scratch Team and Cartoon Network provided Powerpuff Girls, flying Scratch Cat, and Powerpuff Scratch Cat sprites for Scratchers to use in their projects. The official Cartoon Network account and the Scratch Team also curated both studios related to the event, Powerpuff + Scratch Cat and Make it Fly!, and both were very successful. There was a banner at the top of the Home Page advertising the Make it Fly! studio, which caused a lot of controversy. Some users found it annoying and asked the ST to add an option to get rid of it, but the Scratch Team never responded to these suggestions.