Yes. Simply click the blue "See inside" button on the project page, or open the project from My Stuff. After making edits and exiting the editor by clicking the “See Project Page”, the project will save and update automatically.

One can also upload an entirely separate project into a current one by accessing File > Load from your computer in the editor and selecting and loading the desired project. Then, the project will keep its statistics and project ID, yet still change into an updated version. To get the file of an old project, go to the chosen old project, and do the following: "File > Download to your computer.>" Once you choose a project, the editor will alert, "Replace contents of the current project?"

Note Caution: The old project will be lost forever if it is overwritten. To avoid overwriting the old project once edited, one can Save As a Copy before uploading the new project.

Another way is to move the scripts and costumes of another into the backpack, and drag them into ones project. One can also download the project and upload it into another one.

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