A bump is a post meant to bring a topic in the Scratch forums to the top of the forum, thus creating more activity on the said topic. A bump is generally performed by posting the text "bump" in the wanted topic. Bring Up My Post is a common acrostic for the word "bump",[1] or it could simply be used as "Bump my topic to the top".


Bumps can be very useful when a user wishes for more opinions on their topic. Sometimes, topics which are helpful but do not provoke discussion (such as tutorials) tend to get buried after a while, and thus need regular bumping. Such helpful topics are sometimes stickied or ITopiced. Bumping should generally be limited to once every 24 hours, and once the topic is no longer on the first page of the forum; however, it is good Scratch Etiquette to wait at least a couple of days before a bump. Some users have even tried to change the rule.[2]


Main article: Necropost

Bumping outdated, irrelevant, unwanted, unnecessary, or solved topics is called necroposting and is frowned upon in the Scratch Community.[3] Scratchers new to the forums will often unknowingly necropost.[4] Most Scratchers consider bumping after a month of inactivity necroposting. However, based on the activity or importance of a forum, this time may vary.[5] Bumping up old topics is only considered necroposting if no new and relevant information is added and/or the main purpose of the bump was to bring up a "dead" post, i.e. if a user posts on an old topic to add useful information it is not considered necroposting.

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