An example scrolling birds-eye view project.

Birds-eye view or top-down perspective projects are projects where the point of view of a project is from the top looking down, as if it was seen in eyes of a bird. These projects are often similar to platformers, with the major differences being the camera angle and the fact that birds-eye view projects generally do not have gravity.

Scrolling Bird's-Eye View Projects

Birds-eye view projects can have scrolling to add more room for the player to move around instead of having them locked to the screen.

Birds-eye view projects have some advantages over side-view projects, such as them being more user-friendly and giving the character more space to move around.

Platformers like Mario include side-to-side scrolling, with the occasional vertical screen movement. Birds eye-view projects and games have top to bottom scrolling, as well as some side-to-side on occasion if they include scrolling.

Example Projects

Static Birds Eye View Projects

An example static bird's-eye view project.

Bird's-eye view projects can also not have scrolling. They are generally made before scrolling birds eye view projects due to their easier nature.

Example Projects

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