The Backdrop Name is a local value which is set to the name of the current backdrop of the Stage. All backdrops have both a name, and a number identifying their position in the backdrops pane in the Paint Editor.

There is a block that reports this value, so it can be stored in a variable:

when gf clicked
set [variable v] to (backdrop [name v])

Related Blocks

The following blocks can be used in conjunction with this value:

Example Uses

This value can be used in a number of ways:

  • Reporting what backdrop is displaying on the stage
when green flag clicked
say (join (backdrop [name v] :: looks) [world]) for (2) secs
  • Doing an action for a specific backdrop
when green flag clicked
if <(backdrop [name v] :: looks) = [dungeon]> then
play sound (dungeon music v) until done

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