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Robot.jpg This user is a bot controlled by ErnieParke (talk | contribs). It is a legitimate alternate account used for speedily making large amounts of edits in place of a human. If it has been malfunctioning, please comment on the developer's talk page.

Name InterwikiBot
Task(s) Various Interwiki
Status Active
Programming language Python and Java
Edit process Manual, Automatic
Introduced in October 20, 2015
Other information Active as needed

Contact the owner

If there are any concerns, please contact the bot owner on their talk page.

International Wiki Statistics

To see the international wiki statistics, go here: User:InterwikiBot/International Stats


Note Warning: This bot requires permission from the proper admins and bureaucrats to run. The exceptions are interwiki and userspace edits.


InterwikiBot is powered by Pywikibot, a bot used by the Wikimedia Foundation. The manual for Pywikibot may be seen here: link


The Java bot framework, named JavaMediawikiBot, is custom built by the bot owner. It can be viewed here: Github


This bot was originally created because there are Scratch wikis in multiple languages, making it tedious to interwiki every page, and keep interwikis up to date. A bot would be able to manage a much larger workload, and would not skip over any interwikis.

As time went on, InterwikiBot has grown to do more. See Tasks and Run Log below for more.


On October 2015, InterwikiBot was created to handle interwiki links. This was done monthly through PyWikiBot. Unfortunately, the PyWikibot code is currently broken.

On November 2016, InterwikiBot grew to query site statistics for the international Scratch wikis. This is done weekly through JavaMediawikiBot. The only edits are to the bot's userspace.

On June 2017, InterwikiBot grew to query Google Analytics data for the international Scratch wikis, except for the English wiki. The data is then displayed at "User:InterwikiBot/GA Stats". This is done daily through JavaMediawikiBot.

On June 2017, InterwikiBot replaced the Pywikibot code for handling interwiki links with custom code based on JavaMediawikiBot.

Over time, InterwikiBot has taken on several miscellaneous tasks. To read about them, see Run Log below.


Note Warning: Interwiki is paused.

Yes Wiki statistics is running.

Yes Google Analytics is running.

Manual Run Log

This bot was manually run on*:

Date(s) Wiki Code Edit Description
December, 2018 All Java Interwiki
December 11-13, 2017 All Java Interwiki
July 2, 2017 All Java Interwiki
September 13-14, 2016 French & Test Java Transfer the Test French wiki to its own website, and update the pages' content to reflect this.
 ??? Test Java Move all Test wikis from two-character ISO namespaces to three-character ISO namespaces.
July 28, 2016 Test Java Delete all pages (aka redirects) that start with It:
July 18 & 21, 2016 Test Java Move It pages to Ita namespace, and correct links.
June 31, 2016 Test Java Move some pages and correct links on said pages.
June 12-13, 2016 Test Java Process and transfer all English wiki articles to the Test wiki. The namespaces transferred are: main, 4 and 5.
April 12, 2016 All Python Interwiki
April 1, 2016 English Java March 31st edits were reverted.
March 31, 2016 English Java AF wiki templates replaced the equivalent English wiki templates.
February 18-19, 2016 All Python Interwiki
January 16, 2016 Test Java Transfered some English Wiki articles to the Test Wiki.
January 1, 2016 All Python Interwiki
November 8-9, 2015 Test Java Transfered English Wiki images to the Test Wiki.
November 2-3, 2015 Test Java Transfered English Wiki templates to the Test Wiki.
October 21, 2015 All Python Interwiki