The dialog the question is asked in.
This article is about the value. For the block, see Answer (block).

The Answer is a value that is the string provided by the user the last time the Ask () and Wait block was used. It is useful for creating quizzes and detecting what the answer was and to make a simple poll on Scratch. This value was first introduced in Scratch 1.4.

Related Blocks

The following blocks can be used in conjunction with this value:

Example Uses

Some common uses for the answer value:

  • Getting a user’s answers on a quiz
when gf clicked
ask [What is 2+2?] and wait
if <(answer)=[4]> then
say [Correct!] for (2) secs
change [points v] by (1)
say [Wrong!] for (2) secs
  • Let a user make decisions in choose your own adventure games
ask [Will you enter the castle?] and wait
if <(answer)=[yes]> then
broadcast (enter castle v)
if <(answer)=[no]> then
broadcast (go back v)
  • Asking a user to choose a username
when gf clicked
ask [Please type your username.] and wait
set [username v] to (answer)
say (join [Hello ] (join (username::variables) [!]))
  • Giving different responses on different inputs
when gf clicked
ask [Do you like books?] and wait
if <(answer)=[yes]> then
say [Nice! I like them too!] for (2) secs
if <(answer)=[no]> then
say [That’s not a problem!] for (2) secs

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