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The About Page on Scratch.
The tab on the Front Page that leads to the About Page

The About page is a page on the Scratch Website. It contains information about Scratch, its goals, and what it has done already. It is linked from the Front Page from a tab on the Navigation Bar titled "About".


At the top-left, there is a brief description of Scratch and the video that can be found on the Front Page. There are also links to two other pages titled "Info for Parents" and "Info for Educators".

At the top-right, there is a video explaining Scratch going about 1 minute. The video is usually updated every time when a new version of Scratch comes out.

Below, there is some more information about Scratch, how it helps people, and how people have used it. There are also some links.

The About Page also has information for New Scratchers, curious users, and parents and teachers who want to use it.