The About Page on Scratch.
The tab on the Navigation Bar that leads to the About Page

The About Page is a page on the Scratch Website. It contains information about Scratch, its goals, and what it has done already. The About Page also has information for New Scratchers, curious users, and parents and teachers who are interested in using it, although anyone can look at it regardless of if they are signed in or not. It is linked from the Front Page from a tab on the Navigation Bar titled "About".


There are 8 sections, which are listed in order:


At the top-left, there is a brief description of Scratch. It tells the group about who made Scratch, and what it promotes. There are also links to two other pages titled "Info for Parents" and "Info for Educators".

At the top-right, there is a video that can be found on the Front Page when not logged in explaining Scratch going about 1 minute. The video is usually updated every time when a new version of Scratch comes out. The current video contains previews of example projects, which show people what can be done with Scratch. Towards the end of the video, people can see snippets of code and the output it gives. At the very end, it lists the users whose projects they used.

Who Uses Scratch?

This section explains Scratch's target audience and that people of all ages can use Scratch. It also explains the wide variety of settings where Scratch can be used.

Learn to Code, Code to Learn

This section explains why the ability to code is important in today's society. It also explain how Scratch teaches people to code in Scratch they learn how to solve problems, design projects, and communicate ideas. It also includes a TED talk about Scratch creator Mitchel Resnick.

Around the World

This section explains how Scratch is used in over 150 countries and is translated into 60 languages. It contains information on how to change the language and how to translate Scratch.

Scratch in Schools

This section explains how students at all levels and across disciplines are using Scratch to learn. It also explains where to find educator resources.


This section explains how the Scratch Team has received positive emails about Scratch. It has a link with a collection of quotes they have received.


This section explains how the Lifelong Kindergarten Group and collaborators are researching how people create, collaborate and learn with Scratch. It provides an overview. It also provides links to the statistics page and the annual report for users who would like to know more about the use of Scratch.

Learn More About Scratch

This section provides links to the Ideas page, the Frequently Asked Questions page, the Information for Parents page, the Our Team page and the Annual Report.

Support and Funding

Note Note: If a person under the age of 18 wants to donate, they should ask their parent/guardian.

This section explains how Scratch is available for free thanks to the help of their donors. At the bottom of the section is a 'Donate' button which redirects where people can donate.

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