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No. Private messaging goes against Scratch's model of having all site activity public. This has been suggested and rejected several times.

Private Messaging or PMing is a feature frequently requested by numerous Scratchers. This feature has been consistently rejected by the Scratch Team because of moderation issues, and they have stated multiple times that they will not implement it.[1][2]


Private messaging could bring some helpful features.

  • It would simplify collaboration on projects.
  • It would make certain important messages (like Scratch Wiki account approval notifications) harder to miss.
  • Children's parents often block popular messaging services and websites with features like private messaging;[citation needed] this would allow the child to PM using a trusted website.


Nevertheless, the Scratch Team believes its risks outweigh its benefits.

  • It would be nearly impossible to moderate every message Scratchers would send to each other.
  • The website was not made for the purpose of private messaging; other websites can be used.
  • It goes against the "sharing" aspect of Scratch. Having everything public gives a sense of community spirit, which would be ruined if people could communicate privately.
  • It allows Scratchers to bully more easily without letting other users notice.
  • It allows Scratchers to gossip about other users.
  • It breaks the general rules of internet safety, especially since Scratch is a website meant for children.
  • It would increase the amount of spam and wasted server space.


Alternatives to a PMing feature include other instant messaging services, calling, texting, or emails; however, giving away contact information or linking to unmoderated chat on Scratch is against the Community Guidelines.

Note Caution: If someone shares their personal information on Scratch, report it.
Note Warning: Never give out personal information to anyone on Scratch, no matter how friendly they seem. Sharing personal information is bannable. Additionally, Never meet anyone online for the first time without a trusted adult present.

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