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Private Messaging on Scratch has been suggested many times, by lots of Scratchers. Currently, private messaging (or PMing) is currently not available on the Scratch Website.


  • Allows Scratchers to collaborate more easily on projects
  • Would allow certain important messages (such as a notification that one's Scratch Wiki account has been approved) to be harder to miss
  • Often children's parents block popular messaging services and websites with features such as this in, this would allow the child to use a trusted website to private message
  • A lot of people want this feature, so it would please a lot of people


  • It was be almost impossible to moderate the massive number of messages people would send
  • The website wasn't made for the purpose of private messaging, other websites can be used
  • It goes against the "sharing" aspect of Scratch, having everything public gives a sense of community spirit, whereas if people could communicate privately, this would be ruined
  • It allows people do be mean and bully more easily
  • It goes against internet safety, especially since this is a kid's website


Instead of private messaging, one can just use instant messaging services, such as Skype. Or Scratchers can use their emails (however giving away contact information on Scratch is against the Terms of Use. People can also contact each other using Social Networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.