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The correct title of this article is When video motion > () (block). The Scratch Wiki uses this different title because of technical restrictions.
When video motion > ()
Video motion is greater than blank.png
Category Video Motion Extension
Type Hat
Introduced in 3.0

When video motion > () block is an Video Motion Extension block and a Hat Block. It starts the script below it when the current video motion on the stage is greater than the number entered. This block was split off of the When () > () block in Scratch 3.0, because video motion became an extension.

Example Uses

This block can be used for many things, such as:

  • Being motion activated
when video motion > (10)::hat extension
broadcast [start v]
  • Making a sprite move when there is motion
when video motion > (10)::hat extension
move (10) steps
if on edge, bounce


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

Using a Wait Until in conjunction with the Greater Than or the Less Than blocks can create a workaround for this block.

wait until <(video [motion v] on [stage v]::extension) > (10)>
. . .
wait until <not <(video [motion v] on [stage v]::extension) > (10)>>

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