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When I Receive ()
When I Receive ().png
Category Control/Event
Type Hat

The When I Receive () block is a Control block and a Hat block. Scripts that begin with this block will be invoked once the specified broadcast has been sent by a calling script.

Example Uses

Broadcasts are used to invoke scripts when certain evaluations are met — for scripts to activate once the broadcast is sent, those scripts must wear the When I Receive () block. Some common uses are:

when I receive [Failure v]
wait (3) secs
change [color v] effect by (25)
stop all
  • Hiding select sprites when a certain condition is met under a particular evaluation
when I receive [broadcast v]
  • When a scene must be set
when I receive [next background v]
next costume
  • Effective communication with scripts or sprites
when gf clicked
say [Hi!] for (1) secs
broadcast [communicate v]
when I receive [communicate v]
say [Hi!] for (1) secs
when I receive [run v]
. . .
broadcast [run v]

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