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{{block |name = When Distance () () |image = Scratch| ]]when distance [< v] (50)[[Scratch| |category = LEGO WeDo |type = Hat |added = 2.0 }} The When Distance () () block is a LEGO WeDo block and a Hat block. The block activates when the distance is less than or greater than the specified value, depending on the argument selected from the drop-down menu. Prior to Scratch 2.0, this block did not take a comparison argument but remained with a less-than sign constantly.

This block can only be used with a LEGO WeDo Construction Set.


Some example uses for this block are:

Activating a motor when the distance sensor is activated

when distance [< v] (10)::wedo
turn [motor v] on for (0.25) seconds::wedo

Reporting the distance when it is less than a specified value

when distance [< v] (50)::wedo
repeat until <(distance::wedo) > (50)>
say (distance::wedo)

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