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When () Key Pressed
When Key Pressed.png
Category Control
Type Hat
The When () Key Pressed block is a Control block and a Hat block. Scripts that wear this block will activate when the specified key is pressed.

The keys available to be used in this block include the entire alphabet ( a b c etc.), the number keys ( 0 1 2 etc.), the arrow keys ( ), and the space key. In the Experimental Viewer, the ↵ Enter key can also be chosen.


This block can be partially replicated with the following code:

when flag clicked
 wait until <key [wanted key v] pressed?>
 action goes here

Note Note: This workaround is not exact, as the hat block will break off in the middle of a script, but the workaround will not. The built-in delay in the hat block (if you hold down the key, there will be a slight pause, followed by a shorter pause) is not inherent in the workaround. Also, the hat block doesn't require the green flag to be pressed.

Example Uses

Keys are often used to control things - this block can be very useful here. Some common uses:

  • Controlling an object
when [space v] key pressed
broadcast [Fire! v]
repeat (5)
 change y by (5)

  • Typing on a word processor
when [a v] key pressed
switch to costume [a v]
change x by (20)

when [space v] key pressed
broadcast [Animation starts! v]
play sound [Intro v]

  • Moving around a map
when [up arrow v] key pressed
change y by (15)
Note Note: Because of the built in delay, the "( ) key pressed?" Boolean is often used for movement, as it will execute its script more rapidly and make movement smoother.

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