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The Welcoming Committee logo, showing the Scratch Cat and Tera.

The Welcoming Committee is a program created to help welcome new Scratchers to the website. Scratchers can join the committee by creating a welcoming project and asking for it to be added to the Welcoming Committee gallery.

How it Works

When a Scratcher creates a project welcoming new Scratchers, they can request for it to be added to the gallery. A welcoming committee coordinator will view the project and give suggestions for changes until it's ready for the gallery. Once the project is accepted, the creator is a member of the Scratch Welcoming Committee.

Members of the Welcoming Committee are expected to help greet and answer questions that new members might have.

When a user registers, they'll see a link to a random welcoming committee project on their My Stuff page. This is shown until they upload their first project.

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