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A watermark is a small, often transparent mark regularly containing a Scratcher's username or icon. It is placed in one of the four corners of a piece of art. The point of a watermark is supposed to help abolish art theft by the image and the mark being grouped together, making it unable to remove. The usage of a watermark is beneficial if participating in a Multiple Animator Project or a similar project.

Types of Watermarks


The username watermark is a quick and easy mark, as it is simply a typed username. Username watermarks are mainly used by newer Scratchers or Scratchers who don't feel as confident in their drawing abilities[citation needed]. However, they are more simple and are more easily removed.

User Icon

Another type of watermark is the user's icon. This image is placed in a corner of the art and grouped together with the art so it is harder to remove. These types of watermarks look more professional and are harder to remove.


Sometimes a group of Scratchers will work on a collaboration together and create a watermark for projects that will be used in the final project.

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