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Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 1.4). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Video Tutorials (2.0).

Video Tutorials were videos that show how to use Scratch, and how to use different blocks. The Video Tutorials were split up into 5 tutorials, Rainbow Fish, Whirling Butterfly, Beat It, Dancing Queen, and Haunted Scratch.

Rainbow Fish

Learn to change the color of your sprite.

This tutorial taught you how to change the color of your sprite, featuring these blocks:

when [space v] key pressed
change [color v] effect by (25)

This video also taught you how to add a new sprite into Scratch, and to delete the existing sprite.

Whirling Butterfly

Learn to change your sprite’s graphic effects by moving your mouse.

Scratchers were taught in this tutorial to change a sprite's effect. This video tutorial used the whirl and the color effect. The blocks used were the following:

when green flag clicked
    change [whirl v] effect by (mouse x)
    change [color v] effect by (mouse y)

Beat It

Learn to move your sprite to a drum beat.

This video tutorial taught how to make a sprite move following a drum beat. Scratchers needed to use these blocks in order to make the project work:

when green flag clicked
    move (10) steps
    play drum (48) for (0.2) beats
    move (-10) steps
    play drum (56) for (0.2) beats

At the end of the tutorial, it was encouraged to play around with the code to make their own project, following a beat.

Dancing Queen

Learn to import a new background, animate your sprite and create a music loop.

The Scratchers following this tutorial learned how to import a background for their project, add costumes to their sprites and import a music loop. The scripts they used are the following:

when green flag clicked
    next costume
    wait (0.3) secs
when green flag clicked
    play sound [hiphop v] until done

Haunted Scratch

Learn to add your own background and create a dialog for a story

The last Scratch video tutorial taught Scratchers to add their own background to a project and use the say and think blocks to make an interactive story. The blocks featured in the video were the following:

when green flag clicked
say [Wanna hear a scary story?] for (3) secs
wait (3) secs
say [Kevin-this will really scare you!] for (3) secs
when green flag clicked
wait (1) secs
say [Yes!] for (2) secs
wait (1) secs
think [How did he know my name?] for (2) secs
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