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#REDIRECT[[Video Sensing Extension]]
The '''Video Motion Extension''' is a [[Scratch 3.0]] extension including [[Scratch 2.0]]'s [[Sensing_Blocks|video motion sensing blocks]].To use them, it is needed to load it in advance. Older blocks are kept but hidden. There are 4 blocks; 1 hat, 1 reporter and 2 stack.
== Blocks ==
* [[File:Video-motion-hat.PNG|link=When_video_motion_is_greater_than_()_(block)|150px]]
* [[File:Video-motion-onoff.PNG|link=Turn_Video_()_(block)|115px]]
* [[File:Video-motion-reporter.PNG|link=Video_()_on_()_(block)|189px]]
* [[File:Video-motion-transparent.PNG|link=Set_Video_Transparency_to_()%25_(block)|176px]]
== See also ==
* [[Video_Sensing]]
* [[Sensing_Blocks]]
[[Category:Block Types]]
[[Category:Scratch 3.0 Extensions]]
[[Category:Other Block Types]]

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