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The default User Icon for new members

A User Icon is an image on a user's profile. It is used to represent the user and sometimes identify him or her. New Scratch users start out with the default Scratch cat icon, shown to the left.

How To...

Get a user icon

One can get a user icon in one of many ways. These include...

  • Making your own in a paint program, such as GIMP, Paint.NET, or Photoshop.
  • Finding one on Google images or other search engines.
  • Requesting one in the Requests forum

Set a User Icon

To set a user icon, you must

1. Go to your profile page

2. Click the link that says "Change Picture"

3. Click in the text box or on the button that says "Browse". This will take you to your files.

4. Find and select the picture you want.

5. Click "Update" and you're done!

The Popularity of Animated GIFs

One of the more popular animated GIF icons

Animated GIFs are GIF files that have more than one frame, and can thus contain animation. Once users realized they could set these ass their icons, GIF-mania took off. One can make GIF files in many of the paint programs listed before, as well as Pivot Stickfigure and Stykz. In the Requests forum, some users run "shops" where they give people animated GIFs for icons.

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