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'Hoy. Waiting for 2.0.
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About Me

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On Scratch

On Scratch, I am a fairly good animator, albeit deficient in programming for games and the like. I have reached the status of 'semi-famous' (gets a decent and consistent amount of comments, love-its, and favorites) and I have many friends on Scratch. I go on the forums a lot, but now I'm starting to hang around the Wiki again. I usually have activity on Scratch in cycles: TBGs, Forums, Wiki, Main Site. I like to find out about Scratch's history, and I read from Inspiration & More a lot. I have discovered that the forumers on Scratch back when I&M was around were not as nice as they were now... I am excited for 2.0. and tested out the Prealpha. I have "scratch_new.swf" obtained from the alpha site, but I cant get it to work. Bg bar blue big.png

On the Wiki

On the wiki, I have edited 428 articles, and I can say I have claimed 3 acheivments in the wiki.

My best achievments have been:

Learning most of the Wiki codes
Creating this template and thiscategory
See Inside

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In real life

I love LOTR, and video games. My favorite subject is Science, and I particularily enjoy the fields of physics and energy. I love wolves and I hope to be a wolf biologist someday. Bg bar blue big.png

Random Facts

  • I am a good animator, though I fail at programming.
  • My favorite video games are LOTR: Conquest, LOTR: WitN, and LoZ: Wind Waker.
  • I don't play Portal, TF2 or Minecraft, unlike most people.
  • I play DragCave. My scroll is here.
  • I love the TBGs, and I have a good MFG (Maze MFG) that has been inactive due to my TBG hiatus.
  • I am usually mainly active on the forums, but I'm hanging out on the wiki now.
  • A lot of people think I'm a boy. I'm not.
  • I love theoretical physics!
  • I love video games!

Some cool stuff about me

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13 This user is 12.5 years old.

COMP This user has her own computer, a laptop running Windows 7 in Classic Theme.
:D This user is home-schooled. Forum Smiley - Grin.png That means either she has all homework or no homework, depending on how you look at it. Forum Smiley - Tongue.png

1+1 This user likes math. 1+2=3
Red book.png This user likes to read. Her favorite thing to read currently is The Adventures of Dod, The Kane Chronicles Lord of the Rings or The Alchemyst series.

IPod.jpg This user likes to listen to music. She also likes to sing, and play one of the many musical instruments she is proficent in.
No Smoking.png This user is largely against smoking, and so are others.

Water + Soap This user washes her hands. She hopes you do too.

Sword.png This user is good with a sword.