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Note Note: If you are a wiki editor and a previous FPC, feel free to add in your own tips!

If you are reading this, odds are you are, or are interested in being, a Front Page Curator. Here, you will find tips on how to be a great FPC.

The Projects

The projects you curate is arguably the most important part of being a Front Page Curator. Putting projects on the front page is the main duty of a Front Page Curator, after all. When choosing projects, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Just because someone suggests their project doesn't mean it should be curated. Basically, when choosing projects, your goal is not to curate anything people made that they want on the front page. Instead, projects that you like should be there. However, it's best to be fair for other users, and only curate projects that haven't received a lot of attention already. If you do decide to take in suggestions, make sure that you curate the projects you like.

Curate as many projects as you want. If you're like most FPCs, you might strive to add five extra projects each day onto the front page. This would result in 40 projects being curated. However, you may not find 40 projects you like, or you might find a lot more! You can always change around which projects you'll curate per day and how many. You can have none extra for a few days in a row, and even twenty per day! Remember, though, it's always best to try and make each project stay on the front page for the same length of time if possible to make sure everyone gets a fair amount of time on the front page.

Use some variety. You may be a user that only likes one type of project, for example, games. Unfortunately, not everyone on the site wants to see just games on the front page for the day, so it's best to switch it up a little bit. Add some animations in there, add some music, add some really complex projects, add anything! However, make sure that you think it's a good project before putting it on the page. Don't just put it there because you feel like you have to.


When being the Front Page Curator, it's always best to be as nice as possible. There are a few things to consider while writing out your comments, though.

Always answer questions. If someone has a question about being the Front Page Curator, you can always answer them! For example, if someone were to ask, "How do you curate projects while you're FPC?" you can always answer it. An answer you could give them in that case is: "While you're the FPC, the first five projects displayed on your Favourites row will show up on the front page."

Always be nice. This goes for all parts of the Scratch website, but if someone suggests their project to be curated and you don't personally think it is front-page worthy, don't be rude about it. Instead, say what you liked about the project, and some things they could improve (constructive criticism), and leave it at that. Tell them they can come back after they make the changes and you can reconsider. If you have no idea what to say about it, just say something like "Nice project, but I don't think I'll be curating this" or don't say anything at all.


When you're the Front Page Curator, you should try to stay active. When you get a comment asking you if you want to be FPC, make sure the dates work for you. If it doesn't, make sure to say so! You don't want to be stuck in an FPC shift where you can't access your computer for extended periods of time, because then you might not be able to curate projects for people on those days. Trust me, people do not enjoy it if they cannot have their projects curated just because you were away, and might end up blaming you for it. Also, some people who view the projects may not enjoy it either, because they won't have more projects coming in.

It's best if you make sure your FPC days are on days that'll work for you, and that you can be active at any time to see if anyone you're curating wants their project moved on certain days due to certain things going on or anything of the sort.