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On the Scratch website, my username is not capitalized like the wiki.

I have 4,587 edits.224

Total Edits: 257,757

About Me

  • I was the first non-Mentor non-TS member accepted to be on the Scripts Team!
  • like math
  • Just cleared JavaScript on Codecademy!!!
  • do Scratch as a hobby, and love making games
  • have about 2,500 forum posts (including the old forums) and 4,587 wiki edits
  • I joined Scratch 2 years, 1 months ago
  • I made the 10,000 forum topic and 77,777 wiki edit
  • I was curator from November 11 to 26
  • My favorite projects of mine are:
  • I think I'm one of the few who realize how harmful pollution really is
  • I hope to become a Scratch Mentor someday
  • I have a bizarre issue on the forums where I can't view any topic from my main account, but can from my others. Been happening for over a month, so I'm using my test account and hoping to become probably the first New Scratcher in history to have 1000+ forum posts (because I won't become Scratcher due to only having 1 shared project)
  • strangely, I've never made my profile picture a turkey... Speaking of turkey, I had a nice one on Christmas to eat.
  • I once did a backwards summersault off my bed and hit my back into the chair's sharp corner.
  • I just released a 180 frame animation of two guys throwing coconuts at each other, except one is a psychic. If you want to see it, it's here


Fly little birdy
Make haste in the light
Don't give up your dreams
Far as they may seem

Out in the distance
For one small instance
A spectacle of radiance
On your wonderful plight

Far over green fields
The glittering sun,
Your silouette small
Your destiny large

Fly little birdy
May the peace be with you
For your friends grieve, too

So flutter in the breeze
Before you are seized
The clouds overhead
With the darkness ahead

But yet you continue
Without food or air
Yet it is unfair
You tarnish in the night

So fall little birdy
To far grounds beneath
Hard as new teeth
Shadow enlarging.

Land little birdy
Hurt you may seem
Yet worse than you deem
Eyes shutting.

Strayed out of wisdom
Faint glows of lost thought
Yet time decides it ought.

Wake little birdy
For morning it be
Light overhead
And valleys anew

Yet lands unknown
Unraveled before

Blue streams and white clouds
A place unrecognized
A place called home.