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Hey there! I'm Technoboy10! But you knew that already. Welcome to my user page!


I was introduced to Scratch in August 2007. I was fairly active for about a year or two, but for one reason or another, my interest in Scratch began to wane. I took a two year break from Scratch from 2009-early 2011. When I came back to Scratch, I was amazed at all the new features in version 1.4 of the software! I began to explore the capabilities of list blocks and variable blocks. In November of 2011, my project gravity was curated. This gave me a lot more attention in the Scratch community (at least on the main site). Then, in January 2012, I was curated a second time with my project Epic Pen+ (Version 4.0). Also in January, I became a Scratch Design Studio curator, one of the most fun and fulfilling jobs on Scratch. In March 2012, my Scratch Wiki account was approved. I tend to make very small changes to pages (spelling errors, capitalization, etc.), and I like to categorize things. I became a Curator on June 4, 2012. This was probably the most gratifying experience I've had on Scratch. 

Things I Like

I like Doctor Who, Owl City, coding stuff, and playing with robots.


I am a Christian. You can find my github account here. I develop hardware extensions for Snap!.