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My Autobiography

-Year 2015 - My real name is Spencer O'Brien so yes other than being a MERICAN I am also a wee bit Irish (yes I said Merican not an American). I am 13 years old and I am almost in high school and I will still be 13 in high school so yeah I am the youngest kid. I really love scratch and my main focus (other than scratch wiki) is my shop on scratch. I do not want to say much more about it because that would be advertising and we all know that it doesn't work like that here. Anyways I usually add a bit of humor to things and I like to. I am a funny guy without trying but it is a bit hard on scratch wiki because usually it involves something that cannot be expressed by words. Lastly I am just so great full that I was accepted into this exclusive group! - (The Scratch Wiki Group is composed of 0.000000155132% of the entire world!)

-Year 2017- This is an old version of my Bio from when I was just some silly child goofing around in this fascinating realm of infinite possibilities where your only limit TRULY is your imagination... With that, please let me introduce myself once more but this time more proper and less incompetent.

My History with Scratch

First Interaction With Scratch

I first was on scratch in 2007-2008, I was in Kindergarten and we had computer time or something. So we were taken to the computer room and were assigned to our computers and pretty much given this weird thing with an orange cat inside of it. Me and my friends pretty much did nothing because we were given no instruction at all so we put in a couple of move 10 steps blocks and that was pretty much all we ever did (please remember at the time I was 5 years old). That year was pretty much the last time I saw scratch until about 6-7 years later.

My Second Interaction With Scratch

Back to my story, so like I said it is now 2015 and I am in 8th grade. The seventh graders are creating a project in scratch which asks yes or no questions to figure out which plant you are thinking of. So one of the 7th graders in my D&D Group was working on a project on scratch and I only had bad thoughts about scratch (Keep in mind, the only things I thought you could do in scratch were make a cat move across the screen and other boring stuff like that - We were never given real instruction!). So I looked over and my friends project actually looked sorta cool. So I asked what is that and we talked about it a bit and then I got myself a scratch account and tried stuff out. I really quickly was able to make complex games such as a scrolling plat-former! Anyways I kept doing scratch and I saw a really cool Animated Story and so I wanted to make one. So I made a collaboration for it and was really into it (created a studio and a thread) but we didn't have anybody that could make art good enough to make all the different angles of people so it is not that active anymore. Then I was looking around in the discussion area and saw "Shops". Not a shop where you spend money and buy stuff, one where you just request something and the shop staff get it done. So that made me want to create a popular shop, and I did. It right now is only six days old and has 18 staff members and 200+ Comments and 2000+ views! Here is my shop - ⚜ - Spencealot's Amazing Shop Of Everything - ⚜. So back to the story, So yeah I created my shop and now here we are with me trying to make a good Bio.

- Spencealot