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About Me

My real name is Spencer O'Brien so yes other than being a MERICAN I am also a wee bit Irish (yes I said Merican not an American). I am 13 years old and I am almost in high school and I will still be 13 in high school so yeah I am the youngest kid. I really love scratch and my main focus (other than scratch wiki) is my shop on scratch. I do not want to say much more about it because that would be advertising and we all know that it doesn't work like that here. Anyways I usually add a bit of humor to things and I like to. I am a funny guy without trying but it is a bit hard on scratch wiki because usually it involves something that cannot be expressed by words. Lastly I am just so great full that I was accepted into this exclusive group! - (The Scratch Wiki Group is composed of 0.000000155132% of the entire world!)

My History with Scratch

I first was on scratch in 2007-2008, I was in Kindergarten and we had the computer time thing. So we were taken to our computers and pretty much given this weird thing with a orange cat inside of it an