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Hello, name's ShadowFox (or __ShadowFox__). I'm brand new to the wiki, have been using the forums for about two months, and have been Scratching for a year and some more. I'm interested in helping the community and exploring the wiki. I'm a total noob to the wiki though, so there's a good chance I'll make more than a few mistakes :P. Hopefully I'll learn from them and manage to become at least a decent editor!

I'm pretty confused right now though, so if you have any tips to give that'd be great.

On Scratch

I am an animator who sometimes dabbles in code and art. I join contests and collabs a lot but then procrastinate as much as humanly possible and whoopsie looks like nothing got done XD. I love talking with people to, I know my personality can range from possibly insane to angsty teen, but I promise I always want to chat!

So if you feel like it help me procrastinate whatever animation I'm currently working on by leaving message on my Scratch profile

On the Forums

I'm not too active on the forums, I check out some random pages every once in a while but I spend most of my time raging against 3.0 :P.

On Scratch Wiki

As I said, brand new here, but looking forward to editing or maybe making a page once or twice. I'd really love to get to know the community some more. RIght now I'm getting used to navigating the wiki and editing a tiny bit.