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=Scratch APIs=
Certain URLs on the Scratch Website, when visited, sends a request to the servers or get specified data. Here is a documentation that lists some of these URLs. Most of these URLs have to be modified before a specified request can be sent. When opening these URLs, replace the parts that are surrounded in brackets and are in written in capitals, e.g. '(USERNAME)', if there is any.
Some of these could be workarounds for some suggestions,<ref>https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/108274/</ref> or solve problems when computer programs are used to harvest mass data.<ref>https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/96008/</ref> Others are good for satisfying curious Scratchers.
==Front Page==
* [https://scratch.mit.edu/messages/ajax/friends-activity/?max=(NUMBER_OF_ACTIVITIES) What's Happening?] {{-}} Returns the specified number of the activities of the Scratchers' you're following.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/api/v1/project/(PROJECT_ID)/?format=json General project data] {{-}} Returns you the general data of the specified project.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/comments/project/(PROJECT_ID)/?page=(PAGE_NUMBER) Comments on any given project] {{-}} Returns the project comments of a specified project.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/comments/gallery/(STUDIO_ID)/?page=(PAGE_NUMBER) Comments on any given studio] {{-}}Returns the studio comments of a specified studio.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/projects/in/(STUDIO_ID)/(PAGE_NUMBER) Projects in any given studio] {{-}} Returns the projects of a specified studio.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/galleries/ Studios you curates] {{-}} Returns a list of studios that you curates.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/messages/ajax/user-activity/?user=(USERNAME)&max=(NUMBER_OF_ACTIVITIES) What (username) is doing]  {{-}} Returns the specified number of activities of a specified Scratcher.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/comments/user/(USERNAME)/ User profile comments] {{-}} Returns the profile comments of a specified Scratcher.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/users/all/(USERNAME)/ User's Featured Project] {{-}} Returns a specified Scratcher's featured project.
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/api/v1/user/?offset=(USER_ID_TO_START_AT)&limit=(NUMBER_OF_PEOPLES_TO_DISPLAY)&format=json List of users]  {{-}} Returns the list of users on Scratch, starting at the specified user ID.
==Sending Data==
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/users/followers/(USERNAME)/add/?usernames=(YOUR_USERNAME) Follow someone]
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/site-api/users/followers/USERNAME/remove/?usernames=(YOUR_USERNAME) Unfollow someone]
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/subscription/topic/(TOPIC_ID)/add/ Follow a topic]
* [http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/subscription/topic/(TOPIC_ID)/remove/ Unfollow a topic]
* [https://scratch.mit.edu/messages/ajax/get-message-count/ Message Count] {{-}} Returns the number of your new messages.

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