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This is an update log for the Rick Riordan Virtual World by purplebook163. You can find out more here.

  • 5/10/15: Started working on project.
  • 5/29/15: Added New Scratcher Detection.
  • 5/30/15: Added drop down menu and edited pop up menu.
  • 6/18/15: Added more hairstyles and orange hair color. Edited hair scripting. Made lots of edits to description.
  • 6/22/15: Added "Moveable?" variable.
  • 6/23/15: Made edits to thumbnail. Slight programming changes. Removed Beta features. Everyone is now a Beta User!
  • 6/24/15: Made edits to programming. Added backgrounds and costumes. Worked on chatrooms. Added hairstyles. Added comments.
  • 7/14/15: Worked on all Menus, Admin Controls, and created Creator's Controls.
  • 7/24/15: Messed with art. Made it easier to edit drawings by grouping and ordered costumes. Edited "Forbidden Error" and changed it to "Error 403". Added more drawings from @Smiley_Faces7.