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This page is mostly for purplebook163's use, but anyone is free to use its tips and/or resources.

Below is a list of articles that need edited, as well as a guide on how to find articles that need edited.

Where to Find an Article

This section is based on a Community Portal discussion.

  • Scratch_Wiki:To-do -This page keeps track of the changes we should make or are making to the Scratch Wiki. Feel free to add suggestions.
  • Category:Organization -The area of the site for subcategories and other pages about the wiki's organization, administration, and maintenance.
    • Category:Article_Stubs -This category lists stub articles on this wiki.
    • Category:Articles_in_Progress -This category contains pages that are in progress. You might want to help edit them, with the current editor's permission.
    • Category:Articles_to_Expand -This category lists articles that have been marked for expansion on this wiki.
    • Category:Inaccurate_Articles -This category contain pages that need citations and have the Inaccurate template. It would be great if you could help put citations on these pages!
    • Category:Outdated_Articles -These are articles that need updated to the most recent version of Scratch. They are outdated and not relevant to the present-day Scratch website or program. These articles may also ignore the fact that the subject is not present anymore and is just there for history.
    • Category:Wiki_Standards -These articles do not meet the Scratch Wiki's standards.
  • Special:AncientPages -This page contains a list of the oldest pages on the wiki. You might find some outdated pages here.
  • S:EASTEREGG or the Random Page button.
  • Special:DeadendPages -These pages do not link to other pages in the Scratch Wiki.
  • Special:BrokenRedirects -These redirects link to non-existent pages.
  • Special:DoubleRedirects -This page lists pages which redirect to other redirect pages.

The following pages contain links to pages/files that need categorized.

The following pages contain links to images that need updated.

  • Category:Unsatisfactory_images -These are images that have something wrong with them and need fixing. Please, upload new versions of these images.
  • Category:Outdated_Images -These are images that need updated to the most recent version of Scratch. They are outdated and not relevant to the present-day Scratch website or program.

You can also go to a random page (via S:EASTEREGG or the Random Page button) and make any corrections you see fit.

Common Editing Mistakes to Look For

  • Grammar
  • Change all YouTube references to Scratch Video Player links

Common Things You Can Add to Articles

  • Add references
  • External Programs Template (add to articles with links to domains that are not on a scratch.mit.edu or wikipedia.org domain)

You can also create new articles that redirect to other articles. Just like How do I add a manager to a studio? redirects to How do I promote someone to manager?