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Welcome! Who am !?

I am OurPrincess and I just joined Scratch Wiki. Please try to help me if you can, I would really appreciate that. You might recognise me from Scratch. I really want to get used to this.

Things about me

Art, english and science are my three favourite subjects. Sometimes I sketch. I also have 4 blogs but I am only currently using one. If you want to see it, it's here: [1]
I go on Scratch every day and I get up to about 70 messages from Scratch a day. I am very active on the Requests forum and other forums, so it's extremely likely that when you're on Scratch, I'm on Scratch as well, especially on the 24th of January 2020, at the time I'm writing this, it is the 24th of January and it's midnight here in a country running on the GMT timezone.

Please feel free to talk to me, I would appreciate that.