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Shop Banner #1

Scratch Ultimate Coding Shop

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Note Note: You need to be a worker if you want to edit this page.

The Scratch Ultimate Coding Shop is a shop that was created by Nambaseking01. The shop accepts orders from the following programming languages:

  • Scratch
  • Lua
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Services that are currently being voted for in an ongoing poll:

  • Python
  • C++

Staff Members

Note Note: You can find the staff members here: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/364975/?page=1#post-3643059

Normal Workers

In this shop, there are normal workers and workers on the Board of Directors. The normal workers join into departments. There are currently six departments and two without managers:

  • Scratch Coding Department (needs manager)
  • Lua Coding Department
  • Lua Modelling Department (needs manager)
  • HTMl Coding Department
  • CSS Coding Department
  • JavaScript Coding Department

Services that are currently being considered:

  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • MySQL

The Board of Directors

Aside from the normal workers, the Board of Directors is often known as the BoD. There are currently nine positions, one of which there can be several members:

  • Founder
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Manager
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Bumping Secretary
  • Department Managers (several members position)

You can only have one position on the BoD, but there is an exception for the "Department Managers" position. You can have another position on the BoD and also be a Department Manager, and you can be the manager of several departments.

The Terms and Conditions

Note Note: You can find the Terms and Conditions here: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/364975/?page=1#post-3643199

The Terms and Conditions is a set of rules that every customer and worker needs to read before applying. It is constantly being updated, and every worker has cooperated well with them until now! There is also another rule pack like the Terms and Conditions in this shop, and that one is known as the Suggestion Guidelines. The Suggestion Guidelines is sort of a partner to the Terms and Conditions, since you have to read that one as well.

Note Note: You can find the Suggestion Guidelines here: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/364975/?page=20#post-3668171

The Off-Topic Studio

Note Note: You can find the off-topic studio here: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/25084030/

The off-topic studio was created for workers and customers to discuss off-topic things. The BoD were to manager and they were allowed to make up funny titles after putting a colon in front of the studio name like the method the Chair of Republic uses. If someone is a worker and they are not a curator/manager yet, they should comment "mythology" at the studio.


The Quarrel within the BoD and the partnership with DaBoi Inc/Shop

The shop was found on July 24, 2019. smileycreations15 was the first person to post on the shop, asking for the highest position on the Board of Directors. Nambaseking01 deleted the post since the shop was still work-in-progress. Right before the The Terms and Conditions was released, AFNNetworkK12 asked the highest position on the BoD as well. Nambaseking01 did not delete the post since the shop's main ones were almost done anyway, but a minor quarrel broke out between the two who wanted to get the highest position on the BoD.

Nambaseking01 decided to choose smileycreations15, who's request was deleted but they had the rights. And they had even applied a second time to win against AFN, so that just summed it all up. smileycreations15 was then officialy the first employee aka. the first president. One day later, another shop named the "DaBoi Inc/Shop" requested a partnership with our shop, and Nammy accepted it. The partnership involved no benefits, just two shops being friends.

Joining ScratchBux and several new suggestions

Then, Smiley asked if our shop would join his ScratchBux currency. Nammy checked if it had the potential and of course, it did. The shop joined ScratchBux, accepting the Terms and Conditions given by the wonderful currency. Smiley also created two banners for the shop, and both of them are currently in the shop thread. Then, there was a burst of workers and suddenly the shop had several workers ready to accept orders. Smiley suggested a worker Internetometer list, and it was implemented by Nammy almost instantly.

Then, a user named "openPoll" said that the shop's rules were way too strict and needed some renewing. Nammy did a poll on this one for three days on strawpoll.com to get a lot of opinions from workers and customers both. More than 80% of the people voted that the rules needed to be changed, so Nammy changed it and even he preferred the new way of things.

New banners, joining the Shop Ranking Association, and new off-topic studio

During the busy days of the poll and several new worker applications, almost no one noticed that there was a new "Bump" and "Reserved" banner proposal discussion thread in which you could propose new "Bump" and "Reserved" banners. In the end, the banners of LuckyLucky7 were chosen, since they were the only person who proposed the two banners. They eventually also decided to become a worker and did.

The shop joined three shop organizations, one of which was a sticky in the "Requests" forum. A couple of days later, Smiley requested the shop if the members would like to join the Shop Ranking Association, the SRA. Nammy accepted and the shop was rated 92.6. The SRA stated that the shop did well on their orders (now that they had finished at least one, and that one was finished really quick) but they needed their customers to review the order. Nammy decided that that should be added in the future, but one review that caught his eye was no off-topic.

He immediately took action and created a new off-topic studio. It got over fifty comments in two days, and it grew fast. Then suddenly, three people resigned and one went on leave. Right when four people left, the orders rised. Fortunately, the workers managed to finish all the orders except one that was overdue.

Several suggestions and polls

Note Note: It was during this busy period of suggestions that the Suggestion Guidelines was implemented!

A day or two later, Smiley got two strikes for forgetting to snip his posts twice, and he became sad. Nammy said that there was a suggestion going on for adding Python and C++ to the shop's services, so there was a poll about it at the moment. After that, he would announce a poll asking whether the snip rule should remain or not. Smiley will automatically get one strike removed when the poll starts since he was the one that suggested the idea. A couple of days later, DaBoi Inc/Shop stopped the partnership between our shop.

In the end, most of the people had voted that Python and C++ should be added to the shop. So they were added by Nammy and several changes were made to the shop. Then Nammy remembered that long ago the SRA had said that they needed their customers to review the orders, so he implemented a customer survey form.

A couple of days later, a poll was started whether the rule which gave you a strike if you forgot to snip your posts should be removed. Most people voted that it should be removed, and it was.

New Suggestion Sponsoring event and continuing polls

Nammy noticed how the Shop Partnering Association (SPA) created by Hellounicorns2 used really good punctuation and always stayed on-topic meanwhile the workers in his shop were acting like something had gone wrong. So, he sent a letter to the SPA asking how they always remained so professional and they said that the SUCS needed more activities and unique ways of running.

So, Nammy got a bright idea. He implemented a Suggestion Sponsoring event to the shop. The purpose that workers would look for good suggestions in the Suggestions forum and ask if Nammy wanted to sponsor them. If he accepted, the worker who requested or Nammy himself would send a sponsor note to the thread and then they would advertise the suggestion thread in a list thread in the Show and Tell forum.

After the Suggestion Sponsoring event got started, DaBoi Inc/Shop wanted to re-partner as they liked the idea of the sponsoring event. Nammy said that they could join the event if they re-partnered, and since both shops were in Scratchbux DaBoi also had to pay three Scratchbux to the SUCS every month. Smiley agreed with this, and the deal started.

Unfortunately, the Scratch Team did not like the way of doing the SS event, so Nammy created a "Special Services" area in the shop and made it so that people could sign up their suggestions in a thread. Then, the shop had a poll on whether it should join the SuperBux currency or not. Most of the people voted for not.

Joining the DaBoi Cup and a massive project

The SUCS eventually joined the DaBoi cup, a competition hosted by the DaBoi Inc./Shop. Whichever shop wan got 700 money from some currency. And there was a poll whether Node.js should be implemented to the shop and most people voted yes so it was added. Then the shop drowned in inactivity for about two weeks due to Nammy going to school and all of the workers forgetting the shop, but after a discussion between the workers the shop was revived and Nammy said he would be more active from then on.

Then a massive project started: merging the Terms and Conditions and Suggestion Guidelines and putting them into a website, which is currently happening.

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