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Scratch Account Created: c. November 22, 2017
Wiki Account Created: March 10, 2018
Country: US
Time Zone: AEST

Quick Links/Cool Things

Scratch Wikipediholic Test Score: 857 (Are you Andrés?)
Scratch Profile: NYCDOT
Scratch Follower Count: 104
Created Pages: 1 (How Do I Rename My Forum Topic)


I am a American-Chinese male scratcher that lives in New York and I love to edit the wiki! I'd love to be an Experienced Wikian one day. I love orchestral covers of music a lot.

If you somehow find my address, I will get you ramen on me before I call the police for stalking.

Favorite Quotes

What in salamander Jimmy's name are you talking about.

– Turkey3, CP Archive 74

i want to vandalize pages and ruin this wiki
o btw folow me o also go to 2 git free muneeeeeee
and i red S:CONTRIB so acept my requets pls

– Unkown Account Request